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10 Ways you can make money fast in the Cryptocurrency business world

How you can make money fast in the cryptocurrency business world now that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are exploding in popularity around the world? You might be thinking, Surely it can’t be that easy! While it’s not quite that simple, there are plenty of ways to turn a profit in this exciting new space, which is still operating largely outside the mainstream financial system, and thus remains rife with opportunities to get in on the ground floor. Here are ten ways you can start making money fast in the cryptocurrency business world…


If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrency, then you’ve probably got a pretty good handle on how it works. That said, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrency is still an incredibly new and volatile investment market. There are almost no barriers to entry, so anyone looking to be a crypto-millionaire will find lots of opportunities.

However, since cryptocurrencies are so volatile and risky, investors must do their due diligence before throwing their money into these markets. If there’s one piece of advice I can give when it comes to making money in cryptocurrency markets, it would be: Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. It’s tempting to throw everything you have at a once-in-lifetime opportunity, but if things go south, they could go south fast. Just because someone says something is guaranteed doesn’t mean it is. Investing your life savings in cryptocurrency isn’t a smart move, even if someone else does it—and especially not because someone else did it. The same goes for any other type of investment, whether we’re talking about stocks or real estate, or anything else. Do your research and make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into before putting any money down.

2) Mining

Mining is one of two ways you can go about making money from cryptocurrency. Mining, though, requires more time and investment upfront. You also will have to expend extra processing power (computer resources). If you do decide mining is for you, then you must learn as much as possible about how to effectively mine a specific coin; doing your homework could help lead to profits down the road. Once you get into mining cryptocurrencies, there’s no turning back. It becomes an addiction.

Make sure you take advantage of any special deals offered by various cloud mining companies out there. Some cloud miners offer discounted rates if you pay with bitcoins rather than dollars or fiat currency. For example, Genesis Mining currently has 3% off their lifetime contracts if you pay with bitcoins instead of dollars/euros/pounds/etc. The same goes for Hashflare – they currently have 3% off their lifetime contracts if paid with bitcoins rather than dollars/euros/pounds/etc., so make sure to check them out too!

3) Trading

Investing is one of your two main ways to make money fast. The other is trading—and while they sound similar, they work very differently. Investing involves buying a stake (shares) in an underlying asset that you believe will increase in value over time. If you’re right, then it will pay out dividends or capital gains as you sell off parts of your investment and buy into others. Trading involves buying and selling assets within a short period to profit from fluctuations in their price. While investing is long-term, trading is short-term. It’s important to understand these differences if you want to maximize your profits. With both investing and trading, there are risks involved: with investing there’s no guarantee that what you’re buying will go up in value; with trading, there’s no guarantee that what you’re buying won’t lose its value quickly. But both can be profitable if done well.

4) Staking

If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies and don’t have a lot of start-up capital, staking might be your best bet. Staking is a term used for investing in new cryptocurrency by staking coins; essentially buying their coins and holding them until their value increases. This isn’t something you’d do if you want immediate gains, but if you’re looking for an investment that will help build your portfolio over time—and give you some insights into how crypto works—it’s well worth considering. When choosing which coin to stake, keep in mind that each currency has its unique features and advantages.

5) Holding on to Coins

Some traders have made a lot of money by holding onto their cryptocurrency for a long time. Some, for example, held on to Bitcoin before it jumped from $30,000 per coin to more than $60,000 and then again from $60,000 down to $40,000 over several months. They saw their investment increase 1000% as Bitcoin continued to grow and increase its value. Just remember that cryptocurrencies can be volatile. If you’re looking for ways to make money fast in cryptocurrency, you may need some luck! Still, if you hold on to your coins long enough, they could end up being worth thousands or even millions of dollars. It’s hard to say how much your coins will be worth years into the future, but one thing is certain: Holding on to them won’t hurt!

6) Own an Exchange

If you want to learn how to make money fast, start your cryptocurrency exchange. Exchanges are prime spots for picking up small amounts of crypto quickly, and even though you’ll be trading other people’s assets, it’s relatively easy (in most cases) to buy coins using fiat currency and start selling immediately. If a new coin becomes popular and starts getting traded on your exchange, you can quickly buy a bunch at a low price then sell them at an average market price. In turn, if it turns out that cryptocurrencies are more valuable than originally anticipated by either yourself or others, that initial investment will have made enough profit for several big purchases – mansions or yachts perhaps? A win-win situation no matter what happens! You should also know that exchanges don’t just offer trading services; some will let you trade from cold storage, allowing you to hold your digital assets securely offline as well. This is particularly useful for long-term investors who aren’t worried about short-term fluctuations in value.

7) Become a Blockchain Developer

The most common path to making money with cryptocurrency is through passive income (crypto mining and holding coins), but that’s certainly not your only option. The blockchain is a decentralized, secure ledger system that can be used for smart contracts and other applications. There are already a handful of blockchain coding languages out there, like Solidity for Ethereum or Hyperledger for distributed ledgers; even more, are being developed by MIT and other universities. If you have programming experience and love crypto, look into learning how to code an application on top of these platforms. If you want to learn how to make money fast, it doesn’t get much better than becoming a blockchain developer. This new field offers enormous potential for developers who know how to work with cryptocurrency, as evidenced by its booming popularity among today’s top engineers. As demand continues to rise for blockchain coders, so will salary—and so will chances at earning big profits from your side hustle!

8) Dividends

Once you purchase a cryptocurrency, it’s helpful to think of them like stocks. If you want to invest in it because you think they’ll appreciate it, then they’re a great investment vehicle. Bitcoin has seen an increase in value of over 470% since 2013; other cryptocurrencies have seen similar rises. But remember, if you hold on to your cryptocurrency for more than 3 years, your holding period becomes long-term capital gains, and any profits or losses incurred will be taxed at your ordinary-income tax rate (so make sure not to hold on longer than necessary). In other words, when trying to make money fast with cryptocurrencies don’t buy out of fear or panic! Buy because you believe that it’s good and will go up! When looking to cash out, try doing so through your online wallet— you can exchange your coins directly into fiat currency (dollars) by going into settings and clicking convert coins. Keep in mind that transactions may take time to process depending on how busy it is, so check back periodically if you need immediate access to funds.

9) Airdrops

An airdrop is a great way to get free cryptocurrency. These coins are usually given out for free by blockchain startups and can be claimed by anyone who holds certain amounts of cryptocurrencies. The most common airdrops require you to hold bitcoin or ether, but other projects sometimes offer special airdrops for their community members. No matter what kind of cryptocurrency you’re after, an airdrop can put it within your reach for free.
Thankfully, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Airdrops are free crypto tokens that can be earned by simply registering for them. Some airdrops ask users to complete tasks like sharing on social media or referring others, but most are as simple as signing up. If you don’t get accepted into an airdrop after signing up, it probably means you didn’t meet any eligibility requirements.

10) Lending and borrowing

For many people, a big part of making money with cryptocurrency revolves around getting involved in blockchain-based lending and borrowing programs. These involve using cryptocurrency as collateral to borrow fiat currency. The goal is to earn interest in your cryptocurrency without having to sell it; if you’re successful, that is. While lending and borrowing crypto-assets has proved profitable for some early adopters, it’s not always an easy way to make money quickly; especially if you’re new to investing or don’t yet understand how such programs work. If you are looking for one of these opportunities but aren’t sure where to start, LocalBitcoins could be a good option. It’s both a marketplace and a forum that connects borrowers and lenders from all over the world.